Sirius Graphics

Welcome to the On-Line HQ of Sirius Graphics & Design. The membership capacity of the aforementioned fictional company is, at present, one. Me.

Here's some examples of my work.

I. Web Design

The web site for horror and comic book author Philip Nutman.
A seminar for 3D Modeling software [My Design]

The UGA Accidentals
[My Design | New Site]

Local Vocals
[Site, circa 2000]
The Oconee Alliance for the Mentally Ill
(My first paying web design gig!)

II. Graphic Images

"Web Trophy" for Local Vocals site
Bowling Shirt Logo for Local Vocals

III. Photo Manipulation

Don't you hate it when some random people ruin a perfectly good picture? Before Photo Manipulation do I.  That's why I took them out.  AFTER Photo Manipulation

IV. CD Package Design

The UGA Accidentals : UGAPALOOZA 1998-1999
Album Cover : UGAPALOOZA 1998-1999  
The UGA Accidentals : PDA - Public Display of A Cappella
Album Cover : PDA - Public Display of A Cappella Back Cover : PDA - Public Display of A Cappella

2004 SiriusGraphics/Chris Kern